The Hyperion hood is a tour de force designed by the newly formed Aerodynamic Team of Robot Craftsman. Pre-preg carbon fiber construction to "add lightness" is only the beginning of the trick up its sleeves. The shape and vent placements on the hood are meticulously designed and aerodynamically optimized for heat extraction. Active louvers above the front tires placement of the hood deploys during braking to act as air-brake and relief high pressure build up by the tires and thereby increase downforce when attacking corners.

The Hyperion front bumper optimized airflow for highspeed. Hyperion front bumper achieves its goal of generating a lower coefficient of drag while improving cooling to the heat exchangers. The form of the bumper, alongside with the canards, hood, and fenders optimizes airflow around the Hyperion Supra allows for a higher top speed.

Around the side of the Hyperion Supra. High pressure generated by the rotating front wheels and tires gets channeled through the specially designed fenders to create vortexes above the side skirts to further press the Supra onto the ground during high speed. Extended channels on the doors working in harmony with the flying buttress on the rear quarter panels bring extra air flow to the organically designed GT wing to maximize down force. Extra width in both the front and rear of the car allows for wider tires to be fitted for an increased contact patch for stability.

The Hyperion roof scoop is yet another masterpiece by the Aerodynamic Team of Robot Craftsman. The light weight replacement pre-preg carbon fiber rear hatch features two tempered glass with a split window design works seamlessly with the roof scoop "cleansup" untidy air from the environment and guides tidy air to the organically designed GT wing for evenly distributed downforce. Active Aero component of the GT wing increase downforce during braking and turns where it counts and minimize drag during high speed straightaways.


The Alerion is an upgraded version of the Hyperion front bumper which is designed to increase airflow to an oversized aftermarket intercooler. Air duct channels air from the front of the bumper gets sucked by the vacuum generated by the specially designed shape of the hood to the top of the bumper. The result is increased ambient air flow to cool the heat exchangers as well as increased down force.